WebVMS Introduction

Last modified: Wednesday, 13th June 2012

Welcome to WebVMS™, a web-based application developed in-house by the software development team at Data Signs Pty Ltd (Australia). WebVMS™ allows you to interact with your fleet of Data Signs’ products; including variable message signs (VMS), portable traffic lights, and more. View each products’ operational status including GPS location, battery voltage levels, light output level, any active alarms and message displaying. For the DataSign-VMS range, use the Create Message tab to type a message in 5-colours or amber, add message effects with the click of a button, or an image/animation, and upload the new message to one or more VMS easily.

Another feature includes the ability to create and manage users with the Manage Users tab. This is great for hire companies that may want to assign their customer access to VMS that the customer is hiring for a period of time, allowing the customer to update the VMS with new messages themselves as required.

A radar gun detector can be fitted to the VMS range for speed advisory usage. The Radar Setup tab allows for different radar gun usage scenarios to be setup. For example, display the detected speed of the vehicle then display a message depending on the speed zone set. Or, display a message on the VMS only when a speed is detected, for high-impact advertising.

Log in to WebVMS™ using the username and password provided by Data Signs. If you have not received these details, check the “So You’re Purchasing a VMS display” PDF document for further instructions. Additionally, you can contact Data Signs using the Software & Support page on our main website, go here: http://www.datasigns.com.au/support.php

Once you log in, specific help information will be provided for each tab with downloadable PDF files that describe usage, functionality and troubleshooting information. Short instructional videos are provided to demonstrate usage, and they also include diverse subjects such as “Adjusting trailer tow coupling to suit your vehicle”, and more.

WebVMS™ is available for use as part of the purchase of your product, no additional fees or charges apply. Your only ongoing cost is to your telecommunications provider for the SIM card that is fitted to each product. Easy to use and portable, WebVMS™ runs equally well on a web-browser or on your favourite tablet (including Apple, Samsung, Sony tablets)! Another innovation from Data Signs Pty Ltd that lives up to our motto of “Advanced Sign Technology”.

All Data Signs software and web-based applications are provided under perpetual license for use by Data Signs Pty Ltd. All software, firmware, programs web-based applications developed by Data Signs remain the intellectual property of Data Signs Pty Ltd. All software, firmware, programs web-based applications are not to be used, copied, or distributed for any usage or purpose other than its intended purpose